Posted: March 3, 2022 in Poetry, war
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By David Allen

A man stands alone
in front of a tank,
delaying its deadly mission
for a few minutes
as bombs rain down
on his Ukrainian town.

A rabid dictator
ordered this war
to rebuild Imperial Russia
and make him its newest Czar.

Democracies pass resolutions
to pick Russia’s pockets,
each president lining up
to wear Chamberlain’s old hat.
It’s a repeat of when Hitler
sought to take over land
lost in the first world war.

Now a 40-mile parade of tanks
rumbled toward Kyiv, as the people
ironically make Molotov cocktails
to stubbornly resist. 

I wonder what former
Soviet Bloc country
Czar Putin will invade next.

  1. David, Very nice brother, as always.

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  2. Dennis White says:

    Bullying at its extreme worst, we don’t allow it elsewhere, absolute zero tolerance must be our collective resolve. To disturb the balance of world peace by such overkill force needs to be decisively dealt with. not sanctions, but toe to toe, force to force, bluff calling strategy which will cause the this nuke toting mad mand to reconsider his end game. David, this is a well written message of alarm, warning and a clear call to arms, I appreciate it.

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