Living Forever

Posted: January 11, 2022 in Poetry
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Living Forever
By David Allen

I'm going to live forever.
All I have to do is never
take out the trash.

Sound Weird?
Well, I have it on good authority.
One drunken night in New Orleans,
lost and staggering through
forgotten alleyways,
my friend and I came upon
a palm reader who charged
two bucks to tell my future.

“Well, here’s two bucks for you and…”
“Five for the room?” she asked, smirking.
I was stunned. “How did you know that 
was a line in one of my poems?”
“I’m a seer,” she said. “Give me a hand.”
She slowly traced the lines in my palm.
“You’ll live to the ripe old age of 91,” she said.
Really? Wow, I thought. I had seven more decades 
of rollicking, wild fun ahead of me.

She released my hand and I gave her a tip.
As I turned to leave and find a bar to celebrate,
I heard her wildly cackling behind me.
“It's then you’ll trip and hit your head
on concrete stairs while taking out the trash!” 

Well, the Grim Reaper will have to wait.
I swore right then to never take out the trash.

That was decades ago.
Now, excuse me, a film crew
from a television show
about hoarding is coming over.
  1. MONICA says:

    Wow! It flows so intriguing and concise words with resounding meaning. I felt like I was reading an important life story.

    The end had me feeling like the outside world crashed in and stopped the story.

    Left me wanting to know more. But my mind’s eye ran through previous poems by you and different suppositions of a lifetime: in the pictures I see the words of a poet are like living proof of the “poet condition” writing and writing and writing for a lifetime.


  2. Dennis White says:

    Delightful, true to life storytelling, I enjoyed your read of this poem recently and look forward to finding more poetic treasures in your TYPE DANCING book as well as the other poetry books I have of yours, WRITE ON DUDE !


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