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Saw the Blood Doc again today. He said I continue to be a NED (No Evidence of Disease). Looks like I beat cancer’s ass! My bloodwork came back “Perfect.” He’s framing the poem I rote back in June to put up on his office wall to inspire other patients. It’s been a good day.

Here’s the poem again:

(For Dr. Brian Eddy) 

The Blood Doc
Was all smiles today,
Which made me happy, too.
He said my tests
Sure did impress,
Into a jolly rant he flew.
“Your CT scan and
Blood work results
Are the best I’ve seen
In a patient such as you.
Your spleen has shrunk,
Lymphoma’s defunct.
Man, this is all good news!”

He felt my neck and armpits
For a bump and found not one.
He winked and made notes
In his chart, and said,
“Our work is almost done.”

“Your CT scan is telling me
You might soon be a NED.
Which stands for
No Evidence of Disease
Much better you can’t get.”

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