Posted: September 17, 2014 in Poetry
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       IN THE MAIL
       By David Allen

he always found
it hard to keep still.
He had some kind of manic
adult attention deficit disorder,
racing around like some
multitasking, crazed old hipster
bebopping from one thing
to another,
unable to sit down
longer than a meal,
or slow down for the curves
life threw him.

So, when he died
his friends thought
it best to lay him to rest
by feeding him to the flames
and storing his ashes in a box
that is mailed back and forth
every month or so
between friends.



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Here’s a review:

5.0 out of 5 stars Wanting (more), September 2, 2014
By Jenny A. Kalahar “the_story_shop” (Elwood, IN USA)
Here are wonderful, literate poems of longing, wit, wisdom and resistance; justice, injustice, the absurdities of life and of growing older. There are lines full of sensuality at every stage of our existence, and of the waste and usefulness around us. Tinged with the atmosphere of the Orient, they are as luxurious as legs that go all the way up. Mr. Allen’s years as a newspaper man stain his poems with a rougher ink that sticks to your fingers long after you’ve turned his pages. There are losses – parents, loved ones, friends – but there are poems of finding and creating. Children, grandchildren, lovers, partners in crime and art all swirl throughout this collection, humming like a secret humming song. But unlike most hummed songs, these words do matter. They do. So read them now and sing along.


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