Posted: October 2, 2014 in Poetry
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MISC PIX 2 002

By David Allen

Now, there’s a word abused,
Misunderstood and misused
By the Far Left, the Far Right,
The loose cannons, the uptight,
The free spirits, the lost souls,
The imprisoned, the paroled,
The enlightened, the dimwitted,
Those without, those with it,

During July 4th fireworks
The patriotic jerks
Use the word without thought
“Support those who fought
For our freedom!” they scream
But no war in decades, it seems,
Was fought to preserve
Their Freedomland dreams.

Yes, we’re the Cops of the World
And as that freedom word’s hurled,
As we awesomely attack,
I am taken aback.
Are we bringing them democracy,
Or some new tyrant’s monstrosity?
Are we trading our children for oil,
Sending them to die on foreign soil,
While the rich pad their bank accounts
And our Middle Class fails to surmount
The inflated hills of credit card bills?

Freedom, yeah I wish I was free
From phone taps and cameras that shadow me,
From the x-rays and pat downs at airline gates,
From small-minded leaders preaching hate.
They say, “Freedom’s not free,” and that’s no lie,
It cost all of us much, the price is high.
You see, the freedom we have in the USA
Costs the freedom we’re willing to give away.

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  1. RUBY J WICKS says:

    Very nice.


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