temptation 1

By David Allen

The piece of paper
Plucked from the poet’s
Brilliant Ideas jar read
“Temptation is sure
To knock on your door…”

Temptation rings so often
It creates a tinnitus hum,
A constant ringing, whooshing
Electric buzz that drowns
Out rationality.
The tempter is the urge
To fix the broken people
Ringing constantly,
Begging, pleading,

The enabler futilely tries
To save them, to prevent
Their final fall, the plunge
To the bottom of the pit
Their addictions create;
Until he, too, breaks
In spirit, helplessly
Caught up in the
Spiraling descent.

Hopeless, he shouts
“Stop this! How can
I stop this?”
And, finally, a voice
In the darkness answers:
“Temptation may ring,
But you don’t have to invite
It to dinner. Say ‘No’
Just say NO!”
It’s then the ringing stops
And there is light.”


  1. Temptation as a tinnitus… a great and chilling metaphor.But there are always temptations that are OK to fall for… I corrected your link at dVerse leading here… 🙂


  2. Grace says:

    There are many temptations around us but its our choice to accept the knock or let it go knocking outside ~

    Its easy to spiral into it, but it takes a great courage to say No and move on ~

    Happy to see you at D’verse ~ Have a good weekend ~


  3. whimsygizmo says:

    I love your use of onomatopoeia here. All that ring and whoosh and buzz sets “Begging, pleading,
    Demanding.” up to have its own low drone. Especially like that “tinnitus hum.”


  4. Bodhirose says:

    “Temptation rings so often
    It creates a tinnitus hum,”

    How well those lines describe the constant urge and temptation that the addict experiences. And well done, as you include the enabler in the scenario, and finally come to a place of quiet and peace by his own voice within.

    Thank you for sharing with us, David.

    Gayle ~


  5. Enjoyed your metaphorical write, and happy to welcome you to dVerse. Hope to see you around in the future. It’s a great community of poets who read and comment on each other’s work. Temptation has a way of sneaking in the back door.


  6. SAdly.. modern science shows perhaps
    there is no solution for ‘this’.. as
    addiction seems to most
    often be the lacking end
    result of connections
    of feeling connections
    with others.. the real
    elixir in actuAlly
    feeling each
    that never
    where the
    garden of
    Love is not
    literAlly then
    in a bRain of
    to live
    so free
    as LOVE..
    there are no
    winners when
    Love is not the
    Garden of Youth.. my friend.. iT seems…


  7. This is an in-depth look at addiction and those who would be their saviors. The metaphor is apt..The ending likely true…what happens in between may be more horrible, challenging, and debilitating…I guess that emotion is meant to be perceived between the lines. Still a courageous poem and an important one.


  8. Mary says:

    Oh, I like this….the idea that temptation may ring but we don’t have to invite it in! We have to hope that rationality WILL win out in the end!


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