Leaves Laughing

Posted: September 30, 2018 in Poetry
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By David Allen

The leaves are laughing at me
They do this every fall
They know I don’t like raking
So on my lawn they sprawl
Regaling in their new colors
Yellows, reds, and browns
Crackling as October winds
Spread them all around.

But I know I will laugh last
I can outwait their glee
Their glory time’s not timeless
As they dance around the trees
Soon Winter snows will blanket
And cover them in the ground
And by the Spring a squishy mess
Is all that will be found.

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  1. David Turri says:

    David, remember me? Another David. I sent you my novel about Okinawa, “Escarpment”. But we lost touch. I like your poem and the daily poems you upload to Instagram!


    • David Allen says:

      David, (another david). Thanks for the note. Did I ever acknowledge receiving your book? I read a lot about Okinawa, especially since I covered the 50th anniversary of the battle. I looked for your book but couldn’t find it.


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