Restless Legs

Posted: June 29, 2020 in Poetry
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By David Allen

The warning that came
With my new prescription 
Said a possible side effect  
Was Restless Leg Syndrome.
I scratched my head and thought,
“Side effect? What’s the big deal?
Hell, I’ve had restless legs all my life.”

I was never much of a stay-at-home,
At last count, I’ve moved 43 times
In the last seven decades.
I hitchhiked and drove through
 Most of the U.S. states
And lived in four of them’
And the District of Columbia.
I also lived and worked in Guam
And Okinawa, Japan, 
And cruised around Germany, Korea,
Thailand, and numerous 
South Pacific and Caribbean Islands.

So, yeah, my legs are restless
And I am excited to see
Where they’ll take me
Once this new medicine works.


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