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In his dream he convinced
himself that it was all right
to leave his love alone
for two weeks while
he visited his family
on the tropical paradise,
where he lived before
his retirement and return
to the United States of Discord.

Alcohol clouded their marriage
for a decade, isolating them
from family and friends.

She told him her addiction
was under control,
she had quit after
a near fatal bender.
She swore she was winning
her battle and had stopped
self-medicating in her
war against pain.

So, he left, but was concerned
when his daughter met him
at the airport and his car
was gone from his drive.
The house was dark and
he found a note tacked to the door.

“I choose the booze,” it read.

When he awoke at 7 a.m.
he walked into the living room
were his love lay passed out
on the couch watching TV,
a nearly empty bottle of wine
sat on the chest in front of her.