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Posted: September 28, 2014 in Poetry
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bird nest 3

By David Allen

I gave my love a
bird’s nest that I
found while mowing
the yard and she
marveled and cooed,
“It must have been built
by a mourning dove.”
She examined it carefully,
noting a toothpick
was embedded in the
twigs and short grass.

Later, I read her a new poem.
She listened patiently and frowned.
“But you don’t believe in God.
How can you write about the Pearly Gates?”
I tried to explain, but it’s difficult when
I don’t even know where the words come from.
And, anyway, I never said I didn’t
believe in a god or some afterlife.
I just believe it doesn’t matter.
What will happen will happen.
We shouldn’t live good lives just
In case there is some kind of super
Being on the other side judging us.
Living morally is the just way the way to be.
You don’t do good so you’ll get a reward.
You do it because it’s right.

I should have quit
with the bird nest.
She understood that.


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