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By David Allen

It’s Friday the 13th
So what?
“What, me worry?”
Has been my life’s theme
Ever since my Aunt Jessie
Gave me an issue of Mad Magazine
Back when I was still in grade school.
So, superstitious? Me?
Bah! In the “Step on a Crack” game
I stepped on every one
And my mother was backache free
Into her 70s.

(Now , it’s true she had a pain in the neck –
Me! Ever since I learned to walk.
And many others have dubbed me
That in the long decades since.)

So, superstitious?
Give me a ladder to walk under
And a black cat’s path to cross.
Why, I’d volunteer to be third
On a match if I smoked.
Phooey on all you superstitious fools!
If I lived in an apartment tower
I’d pick the 13th floor.
Hell, the house I live in now
Is the last on the left on a dead end street,
Where the sidewalk ends,
With dark, thick woods out back.
The perfect place for a horror story.





It’s Friday the Thirteenth
A time to celebrate
We gather for a party
When we reach this date.

We’re the Thirteen Club
No Friggatriskaideka-phobics we
We eat at salt covered tables
And light our smokes by threes.

We hail the Norse goddess
For whom this day is named
We cross two knives at our table
And won’t let chopsticks be blamed

By standing straight up in the rice bowl
(That’s an Asian myth, you know)
And we love walking under ladders
Smashing mirrors as we go.

At home, when we get ready
Trimming our nails before we go,
We leave hats on beds and shoes on tables
Crossing off those obscure no-nos.

On the way to the bash we make sure
We let a black cat cross our path
And opening umbrellas indoors
Always makes us laugh.

We never go out doors that we come in
And pass graveyards at a walk
We chase each other with brooms
And engage in heretical talk.

We all hail the doomed Judas
The 13th guest at Christ’s last sup
And make note Christ was killed on Friday
Did he know his number was up?

It’s the day some say Eve gave Adam the apple
And you know what that act meant
The superstitious say this omen
Meant our good luck is all spent.

Well, we’ve sung this ditty
(Singing at the table’s one more taboo)
And no lightning bolt has struck us
We wish the same good luck to you.

By David Allen
13 June 2014

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