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Lot Lizard Lilly
Never had much luck
Selling herself cheap
Limping from truck to truck
Parked behind the diesel
Pumps off I-69.
Rapping on the windows
Promising good times.
Her good times
Are far behind her,
Although make-up hides her age
It took several lifetimes
To get her to this stage
The prom Queen and child bride
Are parts that she has played
Needles and abandoned children
Led her to this stage.
The downslide began with marriage
The result of belly swelling
Her abusive jockstrap husband
Scarred her beyond all telling.
Pills and alcohol helped her forget,
But only for a while
The blows she took from fists and meth
Tore away her winning smile.
Other lizards laugh at her plight
She plies the cheapest trade
A pittance for a quickie
Is the most she ever made.
Night and day she sells herself
Inside the crowded cabs
And not one John feels sorry
For using her so bad.