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don't let poetry die


By David Allen

Nameless nouns
Nod at the nuanced
Adjectives attracting
All the attention
Of the adverbs,
As the verbs ventilate
Their vile visions
Of the poems poured
Painfully from pens
The poet pressed
To the page.




Typewriter Rhythm
By David Allen

he sits at the typewriter
tap, tap, tap dancing,
his fingers playing rhythm,
his mind swirls on the dance floor.
his muse,
fruit hat balanced on her head,
is warm to his touch at her waist
as they dip, slide, turn and glide
the night away.
tap, tap, tap
the thoughts form into letters, words
staccatoing the beat;
faster, faster, building
intense, the dancers fling about the floor,
around and down, around, around
and up.
tap, tap, tap,
fingers madly lightly touching
electric dancing keys,
until, at last, the climax comes.
tap tap, tap tap, tap tap,
and the musicians play
“Goodnight Ladies,”
as silence sweeps the dance floor clean
(except for the motor’s hum).