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Posted: June 22, 2018 in Poetry
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By David Allen

I’m white
And I’m not proud.
I’m an American
And I’m embarrassed.

This country’s tilted
Far to the Right
And I’m rolling off
Into the abyss
Of what Trump
Has wrought.
I don’t feel safe
I’m worried blue.

The Trumpists blare
And I feel scared.
But not as much
As a Guatemalan Mom
Whose arms are empty
Her children gone
And placed in cages
In internment towns.

It’s a replay
Of the ugly days
When we chose
To lock up folks
With yellow skin.
Now the skin’s brown,
But it’s still a sin
We commit today
Against the folks
Who chose to run away
From terror at home.


By David Allen

 I’m glad I’m not young.
I believe we are leaving a hell
for our children
and their children.
(if they live that long).

They inherit the public’s
doubt that Climate Change,
a scientific theory
supported by 97 percent
of scientists and denied
by the majority of our
dumbed down politicians,
who believe money
from the coal and gas
conglomerates outweighs logic. 

And only 38 percent
of Americans believe
the coming warming is real.
They’re too busy
texting each other
about their day.
The future will be a shock to them.

 Many scientists believe
Global Warming
is now irreversible.
So, enjoy the winters
and green fields of corn
while you can.
Your great-great grandchildren
will have to move to
Canada to survive.


Another Mothers Day Poem

Mom and grandkids

Doris Allen and her three Hoosier grandkids, Fort Wayne, IN, 1987.


Sometimes when we move far away
We are able to see more clear
The people and places that molded us,
It’s as if they were right here.
And as we examine the days now past,
We are finding this simple truth –
Without our loving mothers’ arms
We would not have survived our youth.

By David Allen