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Posted: February 7, 2016 in Poetry
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Benjamin David Garza, 12 Oct. 2004


By David Allen

I read the newspaper headlines
early this morning
and wanted to go back to sleep.
My nightmares
are not as crazy
as this waking world.
But then I remembered
my grandson was to be born
this day and, as I dressed
and drove to the hospital,
I despaired.
A cold fog had settled
on the gray Indiana town,
seeming to smother the present,
as my mind clouded
with the news smog
that cloaked the future.
I feared for my grandson.
What kind of weary, warring world
was he inheriting?
However, not much later,
gingerly holding my hour-old
Grandson in my arms,
I saw him smile for what
may have been the very
first time, a sign of pleasure
at the sense of touch.
And, knowing that he had no debts,
no prejudices, no knowledge of religion,
and that hate had yet to find him,
I wondered –
Is there yet hope for us?


By David Allen

 I’m glad I’m not young.
I believe we are leaving a hell
for our children
and their children.
(if they live that long).

They inherit the public’s
doubt that Climate Change,
a scientific theory
supported by 97 percent
of scientists and denied
by the majority of our
dumbed down politicians,
who believe money
from the coal and gas
conglomerates outweighs logic. 

And only 38 percent
of Americans believe
the coming warming is real.
They’re too busy
texting each other
about their day.
The future will be a shock to them.

 Many scientists believe
Global Warming
is now irreversible.
So, enjoy the winters
and green fields of corn
while you can.
Your great-great grandchildren
will have to move to
Canada to survive.



By David Allen

“That was a nice poem,”
he said. “But, really,
maybe a bit naïve.”
Well, yeah, I wrote it
when I was 22.
“That explains it,”
he said. “You hadn’t lived long
enough to know any better.”

Now I’m in my mid-60s
and I look back at that
young poet and think –
“Man, I wish I could be
that naïve again.
I’d have hope for the future
and I’d still believe
in myself and mankind.


(more) Cover

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Here’s a review:

5.0 out of 5 stars Wanting (more), September 2, 2014
By Jenny A. Kalahar “the_story_shop” (Elwood, IN USA)
Here are wonderful, literate poems of longing, wit, wisdom and resistance; justice, injustice, the absurdities of life and of growing older. There are lines full of sensuality at every stage of our existence, and of the waste and usefulness around us. Tinged with the atmosphere of the Orient, they are as luxurious as legs that go all the way up. Mr. Allen’s years as a newspaper man stain his poems with a rougher ink that sticks to your fingers long after you’ve turned his pages. There are losses – parents, loved ones, friends – but there are poems of finding and creating. Children, grandchildren, lovers, partners in crime and art all swirl throughout this collection, humming like a secret humming song. But unlike most hummed songs, these words do matter. They do. So read them now and sing along.