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By David Allen

For me, the scariest
Part of Halloween
Comes in mid-September
When the stores start selling
Candy and costumes
And tombstones start cropping
Up on my neighbors’ lawns.
It’s like the country’s gone ghoulish
In a big way.
It wasn’t like this when I was young.
The earliest the carved pumpkins
Showed up on doorsteps
Was two weeks in advance.
There were no ghosts and bats
Swinging from tree limbs.
The scariest decoration I remember
Was a huge stringy spiderweb
Outside the housing project’s
Community Center the night
Of the Halloween Party,
Where a plastic spider might be floating
In the pail where we bobbed for apples.
The night before Halloween
– Mischief Night –
Now, that was scary for the residents of
Our suburban town;
Eggs smashed on car windows,
Blazing dog poop bags on doorsteps,
Nair cream in water balloons
But nothing back then came as close
As the body I saw swinging from a tree
Last night over on the next block,
Or the stuffed Grim Reaper
Holding a bloody head and standing
Next to a neighbor’s garage.
I swear, these scenes are more
Intricate than those Christmas displays
That show up the first week of November.

And, yeah, that scares me, too.


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Misplaced Fear


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By David Allen

Want to know what scares me?
Running out of ink when inspiration strikes
Blank paper
Complaining to my wife when she’s off her meds
Being stranded in a doctor’s examination room
Buying gas on the weekend
Forgetting birthdays
Having a birthday
Running out of crossword puzzles in the bathroom
Running out of toilet paper
Getting a phone call from my bank
Getting late night phones call from my children
Going with my wife to a church rummage sale
Stepping on a scale
Looking in a mirror first thing in the morning
Looking at my hair after a nap
Being late for anything
Forgetting a word
Forgetting someone’s name
Balancing my checkbook
Not having a deadline
Shopping for groceries
Credit scores
Visiting a trailer park during a tornado watch
My wife asking me if new pants make her look fat
Having to run away
My cable TV bill
My cell phone bill
Finding hair on my brush
Pizza from Pizza King
Brussels sprouts
A plain bagel
Pea soup
Highway rotaries
Barber shops
My wife’s silence when I create a pun
My wife’s silence when I crack a joke
My wife’s silence
Silence from the voice in my head
Armed Teabaggers
Donald Trump’s hair
Insurance salesmen
Anderson, Indiana
V-neck sweaters
Swimming without a shirt
Radical Muslims
Radical Christians
Radical Jews
Radical Hindus
Radical Atheists
Running out of chocolate
Empty bookcases
My garage
My wife’s shoe closet
Riding in a car as a passenger
Funeral parlors
GPS voices
Prescription drug commercials
Guam’s kamikaze crows
Palm readers
Fortune cookies

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